Video Slots

Video slots are enduringly popular, and it is easy to see why. Since the first online slot came out back in the 1990s, these online slots have come a long way. Video slots are such a popular category of slot game because they have a range of innovative gameplay features, lucrative bonus games and bonus rounds, potentially high payouts and, of course, fantastic visual effects. 

Video slots come in an amazing variety. As you can see, we have a huge range for you to choose from. There are plenty of options, with ingenious ways to win mechanics, super sound and great graphics. 

What is a Video Slot?

A video slot is an evolution of the old slot machine idea. Classic slots are fixed to three reels, but video slots are an expansion of this idea. They allow players to bet over five or more reels, and have a range of added bonus features, multi-paylines and improved graphics that make them a step up from the standard idea. 

Whether you are new to the world of video slots, or have been playing them for years, it can't hurt to take a closer look, to see exactly what we can expect from one of these online slot games.

What Are the Features of a Video Slot?

Classic slot games tend to feature simple fruit, bell and number 7 symbols. But video slots incorporate a wide range of special features that set them apart from these classics. 

Some features that are common to video slots are:

  • free spins rounds
  • bonus games
  • special wilds (stacked, walking or jumping, for example)
  • interactive mini-games
  • video clips

And so much more. Basically, what a video slot can offer in terms of gameplay and visuals is limited only by the imagination of the slot game developer. Fortunately, there are plenty of game developers out there who have some great imagination and creativity! And the ingenuity just keeps on coming and coming. Every new video slot seems to bring with it some great new idea or innovation to enhance gameplay or visual appeal. 

Rows, Reels and Game Layout

In addition to offering the features mentioned above, modern video slots also have a variety of special features and innovations when it comes to how the actual gameplay is set out. For example, rather than just having the classic fixed reels, video slots often feature things like expanding reels.

Expanding reels are great fun because they can increase and expand from a simple 5 reel game into a game with six reels or even more. Increased reels give you more pay lines – which of course means that you have more chances to win. 

Expanding reels are usually triggered by special symbols, though sometimes they can also be activated at random. How exactly the growth mechanics work will depend on the game design, and the preferences of the game developer. 

Pay Lines and Ways to Win

The pay lines in a video slot are often much more innovative and advanced than in a classic game. They can of course be in straight lines, vertically, horizontally, or even in weird shapes and zigzag patterns. There are a range of great video slots that have numerous paylines, so there are more ways to win.

Some video slots have fixed multiple paylines (typically 25-30). But other games offer you the chance to choose how many of them you would like to activate before you start to play. Others expand gameplay by offering win both ways, so you can win from right to left as well as left to right.

In some new, innovative games, game developers have come up with ever more new ways to win. Some don't actually have fixed paylines but instead, you can win by landing three or more symbols of a kind. (234 ways to win) is one version that involves a more advanced gameplay option. 

And now, there are options that allow you to increase the ways to win exponentially. For example:

    • Dark Vortex – From standard 243 win reels to 3,125 ways to win reels.
    • Ice Wolf – expands from 729 ways to win reels to 74,088 ways to win on a single spin.
    • Bonanza (Megaways) – random number of ways to win, sometimes up to a massive 117,649.
  • Stacks Splitz (Yggdrasil) – Mystery symbols drop down on the reels, and an animation reveals how many symbols the tule will split into. When reels and rows shift, the slot gives players the opportunity to increase the slot reels to 248,832 ways to win and this can trigger an astonishing max. payout of 25,000 x your bet. 


Another feature of video slots is that they can have different types of jackpot, from local jackpots to massive progressive jackpots that could give you the chance to win life-changing amounts of money. Jackpot slots can be interesting slot games to consider. 

Visuals and Graphics

Of course, many of the features of video slots revolve around enhancing their visual appeal. State-of-the-art technology and creative minds at the game developing studios mean that video slots now feature stunning graphics and 3D imagery as well as imaginative storylines that contribute to an enthralling and immersive feel. 

Mesmerising themed video slots often tie in with recognisable TV shows, such as Game of Thrones, blockbuster movies such as Jurassic Park, superhero stories, such as The Dark Knight Rises, or traditional fairy tales, like the Big Bad Wolf. 

Others are themed along different lines. For example, you might find:

  • Ancient Egypt themed video slots.
  • Viking/ Norse Myth themed video slots.
  • Chinese themed slots
  • Japanese themed slots
  • Irish video slots.
  • Horror themed slots.
  • Music/ legendary band themed video slots.
  • Space/ Alien slots.

And more...

Why Play Video Slots?

There are of course a wide range of reasons why playing slot games online can be a lot of fun. But here are some of the reasons why a video slot could be right for you:

  • Video slots are some of the most entertaining online games.
  • You can play from home, whenever you like, or on the go.
  • There are a huge range of video slots available, so there is something for everyone.
  • Video slots are packed with special features (many mentioned above) which enhance gameplay.
  • They also offer plenty of ways to maximise your wins.
  • You can choose a video slot with a theme that appeals to you. 
  • There is always a new video slot to check out.
  • Great gameplay, graphics and visual appeal help keep playing fun. 

How are Video Slots Different From Classic Fruit Slots?

A classic online slot machine is an old school game that can still be fun. But there are a number of things that set video slots apart from these classics. In order to understand the differences, it might be helpful to compare them to see what exactly makes video slots different. 

Classic Slots

    • Are played on only 3 reels.
    • Have classic symbols like fruit, bells, diamonds, horse shoes, number 7s and BAR.
    • Usually have a single pay line.
    • Offer basic gameplay without many enhancements.
    • Don't usually have a backstory or a theme.
    • Are less likely to have a jackpot.

Video Slots

  • Are played on 5 or more reels.
  • Have great and varied graphics and animated imagery. 
  • Usually have multiple paylines and often thousands of ways to win. 
  • Have a range of additional special features and bonus rounds.
  • Offer a huge range of themes and storylines.
  • Are more likely to have a multi-tiered progressive jackpot. 

How Do You Play Video Slots?

If you are new to the world of video slots, you might be wondering what you need to know to get started. Of course, how exactly you play will depend on the game in question. Though many things do remain more or less the same in spite of the great variety in graphics and gameplay. 

First of all, of course, you'll need to think about where to play. We here at Wonga Games can help you find the right online casino for you. 

Next, you'll need to complete a simple online registration form. After browsing the video slots on offer, you can sometimes try out games for free before you bet any actual cash. Trying out video slots before you spend can be a great idea. It will allow you to understand the gameplay and check out all the features.

Once you have credited your casino account with real money, you can claim casino bonuses, settle on which video slot you would like to play, then start to bet. 

Before you start to play for real, be sure to take a good look at the paytable and the main bonus features of the particular video slot. Make sure you take note of the RTP and the volatility so you know everything you need to know. 

Then, you'll need to choose your preferred bet levels, coin value and betting lines. Click autoplay for an easy option or choose to spin the reels yourself. 

Remember, it should be all about having fun. Make sure you set yourself a budget, and stick to it. Don't look to video slots to solve financial problems, and only play as long as you are still having a good time. 

Which are the Best Video Slots?

There are, of course, such a huge range of video slots that we could not possibly mention all the great options that there are out there. But to help you narrow down your choices, we've compiled this list of some of our favourites:

  • Mega Moolah Isis (Microgaming)
  • Gonzo's Quest (NetEnt)
  • Book of Dead (Play n' Go)
  • Vikings Go Berzerk (Yggdrasil)
  • Big Bad Wolf (Quickspin)

Though of course these games only represent a tiny fraction of all the great video slots out there for you to choose from. 

Which Are the Best Video Slot Providers?

Video slots demonstrate the wealth of great game developers out there at the moment. From well-established studios to up and coming independents, there are plenty of fantastic innovators out there doing wonderful things in the world of video slots. 

Some of our favourite video slot providers are:

  • NetEnt
  • Microgaming
  • Big Time Gaming
  • Yggdrasil
  • Play n'Go

How Many Video Slots Are There?

The sheer staggering number of video slots out there boggles the mind! We wouldn't even like to hazard a guess. New video slots are coming out all the time. All we know is that there are hundreds if not thousands of them to choose from. So you could play a different game every day of the year and still not reach the end of them!

Some people like to try out new games all the time, while others like to stick to one particular favourite. Like choosing any slot game, choosing a video slot is a very personal thing. While we've mentioned some favourites above, the only way for you to find out which one is right for you is to try a few and see how you get on with them. Remember, you can find a great selection right here and often try for free to get used to the gameplay and see what they look like before you actually commit to spending any of your hard-earned cash.