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The Ultimate Guide to Postcode Lottery: Frequently Asked Questions

The Ultimate Guide to Postcode Lottery: Frequently Asked Questions

The People's Postcode Lottery is a unique, subscription-based lottery system available to residents across England, Scotland, and Wales. Known for its innovative approach, this lottery not only offers participants the chance to win cash prizes but also makes significant contributions towards various charitable causes.

How Does the Postcode Lottery Work?


The first step towards participating in the Postcode Lottery requires registration. This can be done online via the official website or over the telephone. Your postcode becomes your lottery ticket once you've successfully registered.

Postcode Allocation

Every registered postcode is assigned to an exclusive account. The more postcodes registered within a particular area, the higher the likelihood of someone from that location emerging victorious.

Lottery Draws

The Postcode Lottery conducts several draws every month, with winning postcodes announced for each draw. Participants with registered postcodes matching the winning ones are awarded prizes. The more digits your postcode shares with the winning one, the larger your potential prize.

Prize Structure

Prizes vary in size and are categorised into several brackets:

  1. Street Prize: This is the grandest prize, awarded to one postcode in a chosen area. The prize amount can reach thousands or even tens of thousands of pounds.
  2. Daily Prizes: These are smaller value cash prizes awarded daily to registered postcodes.
  3. Monthly Prizes: These are substantial amounts potentially won by participants in the monthly draws.
  4. Postcode Millions: Occasionally, there are special draws known as "Postcode Millions," where one postcode sector wins a massive prize, and all eligible players within that sector share the prize.

What is the Cost of Participation?

Participating in the Postcode Lottery requires a monthly subscription fee. This fee varies depending on your chosen subscription plan, so it's advisable to check the pricing and subscription details on the official website for clarity on the financial commitment involved.

How are Winners Selected?

Winning postcodes are chosen randomly, using certified computer software in the presence of an independent adjudicator. This ensures a fair and transparent selection process.

When are Draws Conducted?

Draws are conducted throughout the week, with daily draws from Monday to Friday, a weekly draw on Saturdays, and the Street Prize awarded on Sundays. There are also monthly Postcode Millions draws. The specific dates and times for each draw can be found on the Prize Draw Calendar on the official Postcode Lottery website.

How Can I Check My Postcode Lottery Account?

To check your account, visit the official website and log in using your registered details. Once logged in, you have access to your account information, including any winnings, upcoming draws, and other relevant updates.

How Much Does it Cost to Play?

To participate in the Postcode Lottery, players are required to pay a monthly subscription fee of £12. This fee grants entry into all the daily, weekly, and monthly draws.

Can I Play Postcode Lottery If I Rent?

Yes, you can participate in the Postcode Lottery even if you rent your property. The lottery is open to all residents of England, Scotland, and Wales, irrespective of whether they own or rent their homes.

What Are The Odds of Winning The Postcode Lottery?

The odds of winning vary depending on the specific draw and the number of players participating. Winning is not guaranteed as outcomes are determined randomly using a Random Number Generator.

How Do I Cancel My Postcode Lottery Subscription?

There are two ways to cancel your subscription. The first is to cancel your Direct Debit with your bank. The second method is to call the customer service team on the freephone number 0808 109 8765.

How Much Money Goes to Charity?

A minimum of 32% of the ticket price is donated to good causes. The Postcode Lottery has raised over £500 million for various charities to date.


The People's Postcode Lottery is more than just a game of chance. It's an opportunity to contribute to social causes while standing a chance to win significant cash prizes. We hope this guide has provided you with all the information you need about the Postcode Lottery. If you're ready to try your luck while making a difference, sign up today!